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Farewell Davidson
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Farewell Davidson
Farewell Davidson
Emerging from the small beautiful artistic town of Wakefield Quebec in the Gatineau hills With plenty of great music in this town to be influence by Farewell Davidson has come from all different backgrounds Two of the members came out of Metal bands another with a blues background and the last with indie folk. Put it all together in a soup and you have the high energy with excellent hooks sound of Farewell Davidson. In just two short years these guys have managed to play and sell out at such venues as the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield and Divan Orange in Montreal and getting some commercial radio airplay across Canada and college radio world wide with the release of their first EP called Hometown Lights.The bands name has two meaning one The name of the street where the bands practices suddenly got changed it was called Davidson and the other a good friend of theirs got killed by a drunk driver and his father's name was David so it was saying farewell to David's son


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