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Tara Rhymes
2 years ago


Tara Rhymes
Tara Rhymes
Tara Rhymes is one of the most influential & controversial female hip-hop artists to come out of Canada. Tara Rhymes brings a Fresh, Eccentric and Diverse style to her music with her thought provoking and inspirational lyrics. Stemming from a life of torment and loss, Tara Rhymes creates music to uplift and inspire others at their loneliest times, right through to music that makes you want to get up and shake that ass.

Not limiting herself to one genre or style of music or art, Tara Rhymes is a creative and ever expanding and learning individual who is tenacious and driven with passion for her craft, although known to have a insane stage persona she is really a kind person who is sensitive and tough. Listen to tracks like Good Homies, and Gods in other people to hear stories from all she has seen and survived.

A classy woman, who's a bit rough around the edges with her fans, Tara Rhymes always speaks her mind and wears her heart on her sleeve.


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