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6 years ago
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Alternative, Rock
Stedfast is a band that melds awesome riffs and real emotion to lead a resurgence of rock music that comes from the heart. With a nose for trouble and an ear for a catchy tune, the boys of Stedfast are all about having a good time and it wasn't long before they made a splash in the Ottawa scene - playing venues like Ritual, Greenfield's, The Brass Monkey and Rainbow Bistro.

A review of a Stedfast show by Ottawa Music Index:

"Earlier this month, we had a chance to catch Stedfast live and we officially coined their brand of music - "Sex Rock". Not too many bands can claim that title..

Off the stage, they are fun and professional. On the stage.. well, they're still fun and professional! This group really knows how to have a good time, but once the drummer's count comes in, they lock in and really hit you with heartfelt, meaningful lyrics and mood-shifting rock that makes you perk up an ear and take notice."
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